Oral restoration

Oral restoration

Oral restoration is the restoration of missing teeth, improving the ability to chew, preserving the situation and position of already existing teeth and generally preserving the aesthetics of the mouth. This field includes many dental treatments:

  • Completely broken teeth
  • Assembling crowns on natural teeth and implants
  • Fitting an entire bridge over implants
  • and more

The crown-the king in the field of oral rehabilitation

The basic unit which is required for oral rehabilitation treatments is the crown, this serves as an artificial replacement for the natural crown of the tooth. The crown consists of various supports intended for oral rehabilitation. In the event that a certain amount of teeth are required to be restored or fixed, a bridge will be fitted for the patient, which includes crowns for all teeth necessary. 

How an oral rehabilitation specialist performs this process

In most cases, oral rehabilitation treatment requires a number of treatments at the dentist, where in order to get quality results, it is important that the doctor specializes in the field and uses rehabilitation aids that are manufactured to the highest of standards. During the treatment, the doctor will perform measurements of the teeth, and send the results to the laboratory. When the crowns are received, he will install them on the patient’s teeth. Accurate installation of the crown is very important, so that the patient can use their teeth effectively without causing damage to the gums. It is also very important that the color of the crown matches exactly to the color of the tooth and to the structure of the jaw, in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the mouth.

Crowns-lines for their image

In order to perform a dental restoration whose results will be to the satisfaction of both the doctor and the patient, it is advisable to use porcelain crowns. These crowns are best suited for oral rehabilitation, both due to the strength and durability of the porcelain and due to its white color. Also, the metallic foundation of the porcelain crowns provides them with great stability, therefore this combination creates the most suitable solution for accurate tooth restoration that lasts for a long time.

Zirconia crowns-improved porcelain

As mentioned above, porcelain crowns are the crowns that are best used for oral rehabilitation treatments, however zirconia crowns, which are a particular type of porcelain crowns, are the most suitable. Zirconia crowns differ from other porcelain crowns in which that their foundation is not made of metal but of zirconia, which is very strong, stable, and a white colored material. And most importantly, it is a natural material. Due to being a natural material, zirconia is optimally absorbed by the gums, does not irritate them and does not cause them to develop allergies or sensitivities (as what usually happens with crowns with a metal foundation). This combination, and the fact that the white color of the zirconia blends naturally with the rest of the teeth in the mouth-creates the perfect solution and results in successful mouth restoration. 

Gara Clinic is at your service and specializes in the field of oral rehabilitation; and uses advanced zirconia crowns to create the beautiful natural look. For more information about dental restoration and other restoration treatments, contact us by phone or through our website and we will be happy to assist you.

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