About Gara Clinic

Information about Gara Clinics:

Gara Clinic, managed by Dr. Gara Nashat, is a unique network of dental clinics that offers a variety of advanced dental treatments. The clinics are part of a medical center, which also includes gynecology and aesthetic treatments. The clinic is extremely innovative medically, and technologically not only in israel, but across the globe as well.

The Gara Dental Clinic in Tel Aviv is located in a pleasant and pastoral location which includes an ocean view. The special view makes every visit to the clinic an incomparable  experience to any other. You can sit peacefully on the terrace overlooking the ocean, and relax before and after each treatment. All this alongside a prestigious design, which aligns with the values of innovation and introduction of which the clinic portrays. 

Over 20 years of experience and thousands of smiles have been created at Gara Clinic clinics. Advanced dental implants by Dr. Gara Nashat, who is considered a pioneer in the field of oral implants and rehabilitation.

Meet Dr. Gara Nashat and the professional and very skilled staff who stand by his side: 


About Dr. Gara Nashat;

Dr. Gara Nashat, director of Gara Clinic, is considered one of the pioneers in the fields of oral rehabilitation, dental implants and complex dental treatments. Alongside to his work at the center, he runs a number of dental clinics in Israel and abroad as well. 

Dr. Gara completed his dental studies in Germany, and holds a Spezialist Implantologie from the Association of Implant Physicians in Germany. He also underwent professional training in the field of dental implants, surgery, and complex rehabilitation in implants in the leading hospitals in Germany and the world’s leading universities.

Dr. Gara is a member of the following professional organizations: the German Association of Implant Physicians (DGZI), the Association of Implant Physicians in the United States (ICOI), the American Association for Laser Implants (ALD), the Israel Dental Implant Association (IAOI) and the Israel Dental Association.

About Dr. Gara Haula

Dr. Gara Haula is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as a senior gynecologist, serving as the director of the gynecology clinic and aesthetics department at the Gara Clinic. She completed her medical studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Areas of practice include pregnancy monitoring and treatment of women’s health at all stages of life: adolescence, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

Dr. Gara Haula is married and a mother of 3 children. She gives each patient a listening ear and unique treatment, each patient has tailored treatment and care to their personal needs.

Clinic staff:

  • Dr. Gara Nashat (D.M.D, M.Sc) – Medical Director of Dental Implants and Complex Oral Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Gara Khawla (M.D.) – Director of the Women’s Clinic, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Aesthetics Department
  • Dr. Gara Muhammad (D.M.D) – deals with surgical treatments, complex oral rehabilitation

Engaged in oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics:

  • Dr. Kovlybker Peretz Ginny (D.M.D) – Practices in General Dentistry, Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Aesthetics
  • Dr. Gringaus Michael (M.D.) – General Anesthesia Specialist
  • Mr. Beautiful in Babe – Artist Dental Technician, Director of the Digital Lab
  • Ms. Moshe Ayala – medic
  • Ms. Dana Pinto – Dentist
  • Ms. Juliette Jidai – Operating Room Assistant
  • Ms. Chernyshev Vika – operating room assistant
  • Ms. Khorshova Vicky – Assistant
  • Ms. Zaritzky Maayan – Assistant and Medical Secretary
  • Ms. Bata Sherry – Assistant
  • Ms. Tresula Alexandra – Assistant
  • Ms. Diamond Abed – Administrative Manager of the Jaffa Branch
  • Ms. Kochi Yemin – Administrative Manager of the Rehovot Branch
  • Ms. Smolnikov Yulia – Secretary
  • Ms. Celine Ayuti – Secretary

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