Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are actually small screws made of titanium (a quality and friendly metal), which make it possible to replace the root of the tooth and put a bridge or crown on the backs, thus significantly upgrading the patient’s quality of life. The high quality experience gained in performing dental implants guarantees a success rate of about 90% (upper jaw) and up to 95% (lower jaw). 

A person who has undergone the dental implant procedure can function as a person with natural teeth: enjoy food, smile confidently and speak in a legitimate way. A patient does not need to experience suffering from pressure sores or to pull out anything for cleaning at night or after every meal.

When is a dental implant required?

There are a variety of reasons as to why the loss of teeth require a dental implant, for example:

  • Periodontal disease (periodontitis) which is caused by gingivitis or general dental neglect due to improper brushing or skipping tooth care, failure to floss, lack of visits to the dentist, etc.
  • Injuries, blows to the mouth or an accident, can damage the teeth and cause their loss.
  • Failed root canal treatment can also result in tooth loss, especially if an episectomy procedure is not possible, in which the root tip is trimmed to preserve the tooth.
  • Other Causes: Aging, diabetes and congenital defects can cause tooth loss or breakage as well.

No matter what caused the tooth loss, the result is the same-difficulty in eating, speech disorders and insecurity in opening the mouth in any way to speak or smile.


Advice and planning for dental implants

If one suffers from tooth loss, there is a solution.The first step is to schedule a consultation with the dentist. This session includes a comprehensive and thorough examination, in order for the doctor to know in depth the condition of the patient’s gums and teeth as well as their overall health situation. Sometimes this session includes x-rays and CT scans. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will present to the patient the possible treatment strategy.

In some cases an immediate transplant can be performed, which is worthwhile as it prevents the patient from unnecessary pain and suffering. The name of this method is “Immediate implant loading”. In other instances, the process is longer and requires gradual treatment, lasting several months. In such a case, the doctor provides an action plan that details the time required for treatment and explains what will be done at each and every stage of the transplant. During this session the correct implants will be tailored to the patient.

The appointment is a great opportunity for the doctor to share his concerns and he often will be able to provide professional answers; that will allow the patient to relax and feel treated in the right hands.

Transplant stages

Oseointegration (the connection between the implant and the bone) is what makes the dental implant a success: Tissue is formed in the mouth around the implant and well anchored. In order to create proper assimilation in the mouth, the dentist completes the implantation process and puts a crown on the implant.

Here are the steps for transplantation:

  1. Preparing the jaw for implant absorption: This is an important and crucial step in order to result in a successful implant absorption process in the jaw. If the bone is not wide, dense or strong enough to insert the screws, there will be another step added-sinus lift/bone thickening. Only then, will it be possible to implant the screws properly. 
  2. Insertion and location of the implant: After drilling a small hole in the designated area, it will be possible to fix the implant to the jawbone. This procedure requires great skill and most importantly-great care, so that the nerve or jaw cells are not damaged in any way. The doctor then adjusts the diameter of the screw to the hole, inserts and adjusts it, and at the end places a lid to protect it while it coalesces with the bone.
  3. Temporary crown: After several months, the cover is removed from the implant and the dentist replaces this with a temporary crown. This crown serves as a kind of template, which the gums will naturally grow around. Sometimes the temporary crown can be placed on the implant itself, resulting in a faster implantation and reducing the feeling of tension for the patient.
  4. Permanent crown: A dental implant ends with replacing the temporary crown with a permanent one, which serves as an actual tooth for everything.

מרפאת שיניים מתקדמת בתל אביב

How to proceed in order to preserve the results of a successful transplant?

Dental implants are an opportunity for the mouth to function properly, and the result can be enjoyed for many years to come. In order not to repeat the process, it is highly recommended to follow the following 2 rules:

Maintain oral hygiene-lack of flossing, poor brushing and inconsistent visits to the dental hygienist. All of these cause the failure of dental implants. Neglect of the mouth causes a large accumulation of bacteria in the area where the implant is located and opens the door for infections to form.

Avoid smoking-dental implants are not well integrated by smokers. If you still decide to continue smoking, be sure to do periodic check-ups, as recommended by the dentist who performed the transplant.

For more information on dental implants contact Gara Clinic.

דר גרה

הכל על שתלים דנטליים

אדם שעבר השתלה דנטלית יכול לתפקד כאדם בעל שיניים טבעיות: ליהנות ממזון, לחייך בביטחון ולדבר באופן מובן. אין צורך לחוות לחץ ולסבול מפצעי לחץ, אין צורך לשלוף לניקוי בלילה ואחרי כל ארוחה.

אודות ד”ר גרה נשאת

ד”ר גרה נשאת, מנהל גרה קליניק, נחשב לאחד מפורצי הדרך בתחומי שיקום הפה ההשתלות הדנטליות וטיפולי השיניים המורכבים. ברשותו תואר Spezialist Implantologie מטעם אגודת הרופאים המשתילים בגרמניה. כמו כן, משתתף באופן קבוע בהשתלמויות מקצועיות בכל הקשור להשתלות דנטליות, לכירורגיה ולשיקום מורכב על-גבי שתלים בבתי החולים המובילים בגרמניה ובאוניברסיטאות המובילות בעולם. עוד על ד”ר נשאת

גרה קליניק

המרכז המתקדם להשתלות שיניים ושיקום פה

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